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Caring for you since 1968

Welcome to Ahrens Hearing Center

Hearing aids have been our family business since 1968, it is our passion, and we strive to provide the absolute best hearing you can expect with hearing aids, period!

How can we make a claim like this? Easy! When you are committed to your craft (in our case, fitting hearing aids) you will do anything necessary to deliver the best possible outcome not just because it is good for business, but because it is built into the fiber of your being – it is not possible to do it any other way.

This commitment and passion in turn enables the expertise which provides the best possible hearing solution and outcome. Remember, when you invest in hearing aids with us, you are not only purchasing the devices, but the professional service and support to make them work for you now, and into the future – this is what makes the difference.

If we sound like the type of business you like to work with, we would be honored to begin a relationship resulting in your best hearing.

Staff Bios

We’re focused on you and your hearing health. We are qualified and experienced individuals who share our ultimate goal of solving any hearing problems you may have and serving your lifetime hearing needs.

Cathy Ahrens Burke

Cathi Ahrens Berke, BC-HIS

NJ Hearing Aid Dispensers License # 455

* Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Cathi is the second-generation family owner of Ahrens Hearing Aid Center. Just like her parents, Cathi is dedicated to patient care and making sure every patient is satisfied. She regularly attends product trainings, educational seminars, and international conventions.

“After 35+ years, I still love my job. Bringing my patients back from a world of muted sounds and missed conversations is a great feeling. Having dealt with old technologies and new, I know that I’m able to help my patients truly hear to the best of their abilities.”


Dan Burke

Daniel C. Berke, HIS

NJ Hearing Aid Dispensers License # 1239

Daniel is a third-generation family member of the Ahrens Hearing Center staff. Originally a mechanical engineer, Daniel now puts his management skills to good use in the family business and helps to carry the legacy of his grandparents into the 21st century. His goals are to ensure that the principles that have made Ahrens a premiere hearing care provider are maintained while the business continues to grow.

“I believe that the way my family has done business in the past – that is, listening to our patients and acting in their best interest – is what has enabled our success and will guarantee it in the future. So many things are subject to change, but these values will always be a part of our business. This, combined with generations of experience, is what enables truly better hearing for our patients.“


  • Hearing Aid Dispensing License since 2011
  • Professionally trained on the proper design and installation of IEC certified hearing loops
  • Member of the International Hearing Society
  • Past President of the New Jersey Association of Hearing Health Professionals

Patricia Meli-Cao

Pat is in charge of Ahrens’ front office. She’s often the person you’ll first see, so her role in creating a warm and welcoming environment is integral. She’s able to field many of your questions over the phone and schedule your appointments. You can expect Pat’s friendly voice whenever you call or visit our office.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working at Ahrens, where every day is a new experience! One thing that’s always the same, though, is the level of professionalism, respect and care that each patient receives. Cathi has achieved a perfect balance of keeping up with the latest technologies and advancements in hearing, while maintaining old fashioned values and customer service.”

"Hearing is the most important thing you have in life!"

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